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With the new economy comes new opportunities. New ideas and approaches are required in a world that has gone digital. Jidaw says it's time! It's time for innovative thinking for shared, inclusive prosperity... It's time to unleash the creativity and energy of Nigeria and its people.


..the Innovation ecosystem raises issues of Infrastructure, Governance, Strategy and Talent... what works, what matters, what enables strong and sustainable growth?


Interests of Jidaw include:  

Let's create the awareness, the real and strong public demand for the new technologies and the e-way of life must be harnessed for growth and sustainable development

Let's improve digital literacy and inclusion ...... do policies and strategies support the digital lifestyle, the promotion of knowledge, the encouragement of technology education?

Connect, Engage and Collaborate!

e-world Nigeria - Let's make it work! - the learning, knowledge, entrepreneurial culture


Children are the Future. Learn how to secure this future in effective and meaningful ways. The Children must go digital to fully participate, benefit and make headway in today’s world. To create a Better Future we must start showing genuine interest in guiding, inspiring, and protecting children and young people in Information Technology.

Jidaw is committed to both fostering the interest of the youth in the online world and also highlighting the dangers in this dynamic environment. More on: Children are the Future


Youth are not passive recipients and beneficiaries.  Young people are not the problem. Young people are the solution. Young people are the force of change behind the digital revolution. They cannot be ignored! Communities that desire progress must embrace their issues, concerns, problems and aspirations. The youth contribute significantly to innovation as well as the promotion and development of ICTs. How do young people use ICT, how do they access ICT, how do they create and contribute through ICT? More on: Young people are the solution


You can’t make real progress in today’s world without information. Staying Informed is your ticket to the future. To remain relevant, to survive, to thrive in the IT industry and profession, you simply have to stay current. Save your time, Save your resources, leverage on the Web and Internet infrastructure. Get smart and be prepared by tapping into Jidaw’s resources. Stay Ahead with topical news and authentic insights developed specifically for IT Community – students, professionals, educators, managers, CIOs and other stakeholders. More on: IT News


Training is more than training. It’s time for you to possess the ability to contribute to and benefit from the knowledge economy. Harness your creative potential! At Jidaw you Learn by doing! See it, Hear it and Do it Yourself! Acquire practical skills, concepts and attitudes for result in improved performance – use Jidaw’s training to send darkness away. Drop the dependency on handouts and instead learn “how to fish”.

Let your potential to become reality – participate in creating your own destiny. More on: Training is more than Training

Is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) a paper tiger? Technology for the sake of technology? Don’t make Jidaw laugh. The world depends on ICT. ICT enables the knowledge economy. ICT is the tool not the objective. The world has passed the stage of the why in ICT for Development. A main concern of Jidaw is the “how tos” – how to employ ICT to drive Development, how to get ICT to address the real issues of poverty, hunger and unemployment. More on: Making ICT Nigeria a Reality

Can you see into tomorrow? Innovation is for the visionary. Don’t be satisfied with acquiring the latest technology tools. STOP THROWING MONEY AT TECHNOLOGY! Access to ICT is not an end in itself – Jidaw asks: what do we do with access? Creative exploitation of ICT is the answer. Innovation - utilizing technology, new knowledge, approaches and ideas to create new social and economic benefits.  More on: Innovation is for the Visionary



IT Careers are priority. As all sectors increasingly depend on IT, the demand for professionals with IT skills and expertise is growing.

Jidaw’s guide gets you empowered to succeed in your IT Career. Gain knowledge and tips on how to enter and excel in IT careers and professions that are high on the value chain in the knowledge economy.


Jidaw has brought many interested individuals into the IT field. Jidaw is committed!


The resource provides authentic insights for IT students, career changers, IT professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and employers. More on: Building IT Careers that Last



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